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Side of the Road Safety

Even the newest and best-maintained car can run into trouble on the road. From a flat tire to an overheating engine, there are a number of reasons you might find yourself stranded on the side of the road. Being prepared for such an event is the best way to ensure you – and anyone in your car – stay safe while changing a flat or awaiting help.

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If You Find Yourself On The Side Of The Road…

In the event you do find your self on the side of the road, here is a quick list of questions to ask before you hire a company to come to your aid.


  • What is the year and make of their tow truck?
  • Do they accept your insurance (if any)?
  • What kind of payments do they accept?
  • How long will it take for their truck to get here?
  • Can their driver call you when he is near?
  • What will be a total cost, including tax, to pick-up the car at the location and deliver to the destination of your choice?

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Choosing Towing Company

Hiring a towing company is not something that most of us prepare for. When emergency arises, we pull out our phone, hit up google and select the top selection on the page. The truth is that we should all have a pre-determined towing company of preference when those emergencies arise.

Most complaints we hear about previous towing experiences arise from one of the following.

  • The cost was too high or more than represented
  • Truck operator was too rough with my vehicle
  • Truck operator was unprofessional
  • Truck operator was late

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